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Information collector is used for data collection and monitoring of solar inverters, combiner box and environment monitor in PV power stations. This device has RS485/Ethernet, and USB data communication interface. This makes it compatible with many equipments and reduce system cost.

Distributed solar power station remote monitoring system is for unified management, monitoring, operation and maintenance, analysis of distributed solar power station. By internet of things like GPRS/WiFi/wired to real-time gather solar power station data, transfer data to cloud serve center for calculating and logical processing. Provide mobile APP, internet for user checking; provide monitoring, operation and maintenance, energy efficiency improvement, safe operation for distributed solar power station owner and power user.

AOTAI offer turnkey solutions to grid-connected. By offering good and professional long-term service in system design and construction, device debugging, operation and maintenance, we help clients to get maximum gains from their investment.

AOTAI solar inverters are widely used in residential, commercial, industrial rooftop projects and ground-based PV plants. Total installation is over 10GW now.

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